The artwork in the red banner is mine. They are painted with watercolors. I enjoy using watercolor because of the ease in application, the wide range of each color’s value, and use a wide variety of painting techniques. Please, Leave me a note it you have a question.


Suntithenai is a word that dates to the language of the early 17th century. It speaks of synthesizing, sorting and putting order to life or business. It also refers to the intellect, thinking and then organizing everything for understanding the information.

It is great that you have chosen to look at my blog. I guarantee you will not be sorry. During the last ten years, I wrote about many concepts. In the beginning my posts describe my early life being brought up on an Iowa farm. During that time of my favorite stories is: “The Cat ate the Cake” yes, my strawberry, whipped cream and custard cake. He ate the whole cake top while it was cooling outside on a wooden stand.

When I was in collegeI began writing about the time of life when a person no longer is able to be independent. Because of the many posts, I wrote on the end of life, I then switched writing about the last years my mother was alive. Currently, my writing is mostly about me and expressed in prose and poetry