About Me

In 1967, I graduated from The Culinary Institute of America. After a brief period in the Army, I became Catering Manager for Hugh Hefner in his home. Next, with partners, I opened a restaurant and a Bakery. In the late seventies, I joined a recognized Chicago caterer, where I stayed until 1993, leaving as Vice President of the firm. Following a move to Arizona, I enrolled at the State University as an undergraduate seeking a Bachelor in Fine Art degree, which I received in 1999; and continued at Arizona State University in graduate school and received a Masters in Fine Art Degree in 2002

During the last year in my Bachelor program, I explored the difficulties the elderly meet.  My Mother’s and her friend’s dilemmas were the stimulus for my art.

  • Lois suffered from macular degeneration. She could not shop, nor was able to write.When she had deliveries, she asked the transporter to write the check!
  • Verna’s family never visited even when she had shingles, a time she needed help.Shortly after, they put her in a nursing home. She was not a candidate for a nursing home.
  • Dusty had cancer; his wife had Alzheimer’s, yet their children never came to check on them
  • Carrie’s debilitating stroke left her unable to walk, swallow, or understand the changes in her memory. She also had difficulty acknowledging a decrease in cognitive abilities. She began telling stories, spinning strange tales caused by the changes in her brain. Eventually, she needed a feeding tube and on her return home was unable to take care of herself.

During graduate school, I realized I could not continue exploring the degeneration that happens when people age without addressing my own feelings about growing older. I quickly concluded that I am concerned about the moment when my ability to live independently begins a transition towards total dependence for life care. At that point, I will not be able to control the escalating fragility of my mind and body. This major unidirectional modification in life care prompts feelings of being vulnerable to my world and apprehensive of my tomorrow.

Currently I provide total care for my aging Mother, question why she must endure such an unacceptable darkness, anxiously wait for that day, hour or next minute when she will leave my humankind, anxiously wait for my destiny, experience frustration to its fullest and believe life is more dubious than it ever has been. Possibly, I have reached the border of my crepuscule and need to enter this twilight to understand its purpose and travel on its bridge to my final darkness.

Please look at my pages. Usually they will be used for shorter stories, long comments, poetry or addiional photos of art.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. George and Gayle says:

    Hi Frank

    I was reading your website and Gayle heard the music and came in to look over shoulder (its a good thing I wan”t looking at any porno!).

    I guessthisis the art exhibit you did after graduation. It very inovative and am sorry I missed it….. how long ago was that.

    Anyway Im just starting to read through your site and will get back to you.



    ps: let me know you got this. Yesterday i found a website by someone who has the rare blood disorder I think I have but th email i sent got bounced back.


  2. dlip says:

    Hello Frank
    Dalip often asks about you, he is greatly moved by your story. I don’t know if I ever mentioned that my daughter is a chef in Vancouver. You must be very good to have completed the, I believe, extremely demanding course at the Culinary Institute. Do you still enjoy cooking? For me, it’s good therapy.
    Take care, cyber friend and don’t stop writing and visiting. Although I have been remiss about updating the Clock Struck One.
    The good news is, Dalip is slowly and steadily improving, although he sometimes has bouts of depression.


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