Last Week Wednesday


Death Gestures At My Door

Last week Wednesday, Death gestured toward my door,

I turned to look, yet my door remained closed and safe from its grasp.

Last week, Death gestured toward my door,

I turned to look a second time and in the distance I saw a dark web.


Each day I look in the distance, yet  my eyes see only the sky and grass,

and at first light, the golden rays of sun signal the new day’s birth.

Each day I look and each day I see the same,

first the light and then the day spreads out before my eyes and remains until darkness comes.


Last week Wednesday,  Death gestured toward my door,

it tried to make me believe it was time and made me twist my heart.

No, never more will I let that dark Angel cause me anguish,

nor will I believe that Death came to wave havoc upon  my door.


But then today, last week’s Wednesday next,  I find a message piercing my heart,

telling me that the time for first lights and birth  will no longer be.

Now in the darkness I grapple with this moment of truth

and wonder how I can decide to thrust the final sword  or can I still attempt to control destiny.


Suddenly, without much other warning my door opens,

and immediately I know peace will change to sadness and tears.

I turn to look in the distance and I see a dark foreboding web

clinging to my doorway and I can feel it’s lecherous breath  in that moment.


The winged Death now enters my home with its darkened web,

its presence is paralyzing and I sit in utter helplessness waiting for it to strike.

Death now beckons with long slender fingers from outstretched arms

and when I look again I see no darkened web of fear,  I only see the golden grace of God.


I pause, nod and smile upward as I see the glow of God’s Angel.

Soon It will be the time I have ignored–the time for me to let things be.

And inwardly I know my emptiness will begin to fill with the glow of God’s Angel

and it will bring back my  peace and  the first light of day.


6 thoughts on “Last Week Wednesday

  1. Frank,

    I think that “Dying Grace” has entered into your house and replaced the Grimness of Death…When the Angel comes, know that your dear mother will be ushered into the Presence of the One who Loves her Most….

    As Always,


  2. Yes, I think it is getting to the time that I understand. Last night at 2:00 a.m. things were very dicey, but by the end I was the one thinking correctly and deciding some stuff. Today I am doing the same, but it takes a tad of awareness and courange. thanks…Frank


  3. Frank
    Please be aware that when the time comes there are many thoughts that will be with you from different corners of the world. And, as your friend says, when the Angel comes it will be to lead her to a place where the pain will have disappeared and the light of His Love will be with her.
    God bless
    dalip (rohini)


  4. Frank, I’m sure your emotions are still mixed as you journey through this time. I am so very sorry for your loss, but at the same time I’m rejoicing for your Momma’s release from pain and suffering. Your momma is whole again! What a blessing for her!

    I hope that makes sense to you…it’s how I felt when Grammy passed after suffering many years of illness and dementia.

    I am praying for you, my dear friend, asking God to walk with you each step of the way through your grief. I’m so thankful that your sweet mother had you with her throughout her last few years. I can tell you, from a mother’s heart, that meant everything to her.

    Again, I’m so proud to “know” such a loving, dedicated man as you and to be able to call you my friend. You have my utmost respect and friendship.

    Love and prayers,


  5. Dahlip, I would have replied to you earlier, but my Mother died on Saturday. I think the Angel did come that evening–my Mother seemed very calm. Thank you for reading and visiting Dahlip.


  6. Lynda, you have been more help that I could ever have imagined, particularly when You consistently accept me as I am and support the interactions I had with my Mother. Possibly one day I will be able to say such words of balm to you. I hope so… have been extraordinary.
    Thank you Lynda,


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