of Christmases Past

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Of Christmases Past

holly-and-bowChristmases past greeted me with twinkling lights upon the tree,

carols sung and chestnuts roasting in an old, dark skillet.

Christmases past were filled with love and joyful wonderment,

whether in your beliefs or about the glistening packages under the tree.

Christmases past with sleigh rides, giggling children with noses in the egg nog,

school plays and concerts and Nativity showing up and the down the streets.

Fires crackled while egg nog was served from the huge crystal bowl,

or for a change the bowl was silver and the drink was wassail.

Christmases past meant Turkey’s carved accompanied by ruby red cranberry sauce,

with fruitcakes doused in brandy and tiny cakes all wrapped in marzipan.

There were cookies, boldly decorated to fill the platters to the brim,

then somehow at day’s end it didn’t seem so much at all.

Christmases past, ah not to forget the fudge, divinity, walnuts and pecans,

with bowls of giant oranges, pears, apples and grapefruit, just for a taste.

And lest someone be alone on this day a quick call brought them to your table,

as their praises to you only made the day even brighter.

Christmases past now comes  to the end I think for now,

the splendor and gold, the myrrh and the emeralds will stay packed for some other year.

The joy, the laughter, the food and the fun will live in my mind and my heart,

and when I think of those golden times I know they are of  a place and a time that has passed.



3 thoughts on “of Christmases Past

  1. But they live in your heart, and in your writing, just as surely as they existed in your past. What wonderful, cherished memories! I thank you so much for sharing your family Christmas with us. Just a delightful holiday celebration. Sparkle


  2. Frank,
    Thanks for sharing those past memories of brighter Christmas’. I, too, have wonderful memories and as I read your poem, they floated, as a mist, through my mind.

    Those precious days are gone and I can understand you desire to keep the past in their compartments and your need for a new holiday that does not have a past.

    This year, as much because I hurt my shoulder and ribs and I couldn’t get my son here to help me carry things, I bought a new pre-lit Christmas tree. It is small and I sat it on the plant stand.

    I bought all new ornaments, tinsel, I added more lights and a stran of lights in the form of brightly wrapped presents. I wanted the tree as pretty without the lights on, so I put more decorations, bows and icicles…everything is new…

    I wanted a star instead of an angel on the top. I found an ornament in the shape of a heart. On it, it says, “If I could have one wish, it would be for a stairway to Heaven so that I could bring you home….” That is for Dan…I can’t help wanting him back and, at the same time, I know that, if he couldn’t be whole and well enough to play Santa for his grandchildren, then I really don’t want to bring him back…

    I don’t think that I could withstand seeing all of the things that we collected and celebrated on a tree this year, so instead of having a new holiday, I settled for all things new on a new Christmas tree…

    He would not want me to refrain from celebrating the Reason for the Season, so I am doing the best that I can without him…

    Thanks, Frank for the walk down the lane of Christmas’ past and allowing me to share with you my “new Chistmas” as I walk this year in the Valley of the Shadows…

    I wish for you and M the best in spite of its sadness….and I wish for us a new beginning without leaving those we loved so much and lost behind.


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