To Shed the Tear Upon the Stone

The inspiration for my poem was given to me by Shadowlands.  This afternoon I knew I had a poem ready to be placed in print.  If I ignore the signal I never rest and so I come to the computer to let the mind form the words and my fingers bring the words to the screen.  Shadowlands thank you for the inspiration……I think that this poem speaks for both of us.  I dedicate this poem to you.

For those that have not been where I am,
the ones who sometimes look at me in fear,
will never know until later the ache of the heart that
continues as I journey on my discovery  path.

Along the trail I stop and look down to think of emptiness,
as though I saw the answer in a stone found a long the way.
And if I should bend to pick the stone, the one polished from being kicked by the foot steps of time
and set it in my palm to feel its  smoothness, then would there be the answer upon its shiny cover?

A step, and then two steps, next a pause for me……then I turn to see
gazing at me, off to the side of my journeyed path, another stands
with a look that says to never want to tread upon the unknowns that travel on this path I take,
nor could he want to see the stone that carries no answer because for him there is no question?

Within my heart I know I see further than ever before,
this place I travel brings me wisdom and knowledge cloaked in the pain of sorrow.
This journey carries me to forgotten memories now cherished with in my heart,
for they are to be known and remembered and they form the answers I need as I wipe a tear from the stone.

This journey, as it is for the ones that I know, the ones that carry their own found stone,
continue trodding upon the path within our hearts and minds and take solace to know
that those that gaze passed  us now will soon one day see and understand.
The road we journey is not for us alone, all hearts will shed their tears upon this trail……..


8 thoughts on “To Shed the Tear Upon the Stone

    1. Linda,
      The poem spilled out of me and I think that it needed to be out in the world. Thank you for understanding and enjoying its message.


  1. Hello Frank
    What a wan and moving poem. It will take a long time, if ever, for your pain to diminish. But I am sure there are others who need your wisdom. You are a giver, so find someone to receive your kindness and perhaps that will give you some solace. I haven’t added to my blog for some time, but will do so soon.
    God bless and keep you


    1. Dalip, thank you for coming to see the poem. You are one who understands without being on the path. I was thinking of you lately and hoping you were fine. Yes, please write and let us know how your life is going now.

      Check out another post, “It is Time” there is a little something for you in that post. Scroll down a ways to find yours!! Frank


  2. Oh, Frank,

    The tears on that stone are falling even now. How you have captured in the imagery of the poem the daily walk in which I tred!

    Yes, my friend, those who look and fail to see past the mask that I wear, will too understand that their path is ahead. For me, it is here and now. For others, maybe, a little farther, but all will feel the pain and walk the walk. And, all will believe that this journey has come too them too soon, no matter their age.

    We are never prepared to loose those who loved us and in whom we found our anchors.

    Thank you, Frank dedicating this poem to me. And I am always mindful and extremely thankful for your encouragement and for your great kindnesses to me….

    Whatever did I do to deserve a friend like you?…Whatever it was, I am blessed and grateful…



    1. The poem came so fast to me I had no idea what I was writing until after I was done. I read the rough draft and it was like your face was a transparent covering. There was no doubt that it was your poem, your inspiration. I do believe this, that you and I were destined to become close–a force far from our power had predetermined that should walk a journey together. I remember in the first two replies from you when I visited your blog, shortly after decided to close that blog and start crepusulum. I did and then then out of no where I had to tell you I moved with a new theme. Destiny is a funny thing but we have spoken about how we have similar family roots–we have much the same things in the heart. But where you ask how do you deserve–I thank God you have been my guide. You deserve much more than you think–Check out my other post–Its Time–whenever you have time!! Take care–must write you an email also. Frank


  3. Frank, that is perfectly beautiful and sweet and sad all at the same time. You are a truly gifted poet, my friend. I can feel your heartbeat as you pounded out these lovely, heartfelt words for our dear friend Shadowlands.

    I know, too, that your own pain of loss is reflected here as well. I hope you are doing well, Frank. I think of you often and pray for you.


    1. Lynda, that poem came tumbling out and I knew it was hers. I am glad I wrote it fo her because right now she is having a devil of a time since this year has so many heart breaking dates for her to remember and deal with. She has so much more to think of, like working!! and then the loss of a mate is even more to deal with. She and I seem to be on the same rate of speed within this journey beccause we seem to have almost the same bad days……I will write and she will write back to say it was bad for her also. I can not express how happy I m that I know her and you and the rest that visit me, because each of you are steadfast in writing and steadfast that, as you said in your email to me that friends are for the time when the other is down!! You are very wise my dear–Give yourself the credit you deserve and tell the past employers that they missed their chance to grab the golden ring. Another Big Hug this time!! Frank


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