Each Day I Know

Hidden, deeply within LJ, going without much notice, is heaven to me  It is the best of everything where I can write what I feel without replies that try to make me feel good when I don’t feel like it.  I am considering closing my other blogs and just writing  here–hidden away in my own world.


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Each day Momma, I worry the span of time grows to great,

First, a month, then two and then the weeks turn to the next month.

Each night Momma, I lay in the darkness and see you where you are,

First, beneath cold Iowa soil then, far, far up beyond the stars and moon.


Each day Momma, I yearn to touch the cheek once more to soothe the ache,

To pray the touch be real but fear it to be from the hearts own mind.

Each night Momma, I reached out, as in times before, to you in your bed,

With fingers curled and with a gentle touch the velvet cheek is there for me.


Each day Momma, I pray that others may understand my need to grieve,

For years, I knew my days of unrest to be eternal with in this lifetime loss.

Each day and night Momma, the sun shine as your smile, the flower’s bloom your energy,

Then, when night unfolds, your memories float by until dawn is born to the horizon.


Each day Momma, I know others may think me strange,

Moreover, I do not care what tongues wag or that eyes cast a sneer.

Let them talk, with gossip passed between closed minds

As they question the soundness of my thought, for in my heart I know.



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