Again, It has been more time from here than i wish.  My time in Iowa i will cherish.  Let those who find me ridiculous be.  I need the time to let everything that is to pass the ability to pass.

With Yesterday the Promise Remembered

Yesterday we were together again little one,
the sun was bright, the air not so chilly.
I thought I might be to sad to be with you dear one,
yet when I was there I felt you there with me.

Finally, I sat upon the sod over your casket,
at first it was cold and damp and then warmed by my memories.
As I laid by you I felt I was lying on a clear glass mat
and there you were within my sight and within my reach.

Tears fell from my eyes and down my cheek,
not then lonely tears, just tears knowing you were just below.
Below and then also above me to the place beyond our Rainbow Bridge,
I could see your sweet, small face and pat your cheek once more.

Time passes now and stretches out before me
painting a picture of bygone and future times to be.
Hues of now and tints of then–tertiary memories
and  analogous, glowing colors within my heart as I stretch my hand to you.

Down through the glass, up beyond and on to the heavens,
my hand stretches out to touch the softness of your cheek.
My eyes peer down to you while my hand stretches upward
and as I do through the glass I see you smile and from above my hand feels yours.

A day, a time, a trip.  Is that what others may call our time?
Hardly, I think, little one.  For the day to me and hopefully for you
was a day well spent in the meaning of faith, memories and bonds.
It was again a day together and the time was for me to say "Very Soon, My Little One."


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