A Lesson Gained within My Time

To know what life is all about and
accept that all things may not be good,
paves the day when turmoil begins to disappear.

To know that what I do is for me,
is better than imprudent attempts to do for others,
who rarely understand my fire of intent.

To look toward tomorrow and its sunrise
brings a return of goodness to the soul
and when it comes then I can smile.

To hold on to what  is dearest to me,
to keep the memories locked in my heart each day,
keeps them safe from the will of others.

To speak the truth of what and who I am,
of recognizing and accepting my ups and downs
will make me as I would like to be.

To cry a tear, to laugh out loud, to be quiet as I wish
are choices I decide on and not within the realm
of others to change me as they wish.

To grasp the sunshine as I  can and
splash my  feet within the puddle from the  rain
is on the day can say “I am fine and I will not change!”




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