Tis No Longer the Season!

Our last Christmas together–2008

Dear Momma,
Christmas seems to be never more.  This year possibly was the worst I have ever experienced.  Even my one Christmas in Vietnam was so much better.  This Christmas, I realized, just how wonderful all the Christmas’ you had prepared made that day even more special.  Each year, without question there were cookies, candy, fruitcake and more.  Each of the last years held sweet memories of you and I mixing the batter for your fruitcake.  Then, the last couple of years I smile as Sherry stood in the kitchen groaning as she mixed the batter, rather than laughing and chuckling as you and I did.

Sherry made cookies this year.   She said you must have been there to have guided her to even begin rolling out a cookie.  She questioned why she was making Christmas goodies she never did in the past, nor didn’t need since now, there isn’t anyone to make them for.  Ah, Momma, I think for once Sherry missed the Christmas past with you the last years and then before the Christmas in the little yellow house with Daddy, or on the farm with all of us including Aunty and Mike.  Oh Momma, those were the days.  Christmas Eve, after the packages were open we got to eat your cookies, candies and fruitcakes and sip on Iya Coffee.  MMMMnnn how sweet and delicious each morsel was and then to sip on the coffee nectar made the evening even more memorable.  But it was more it was the lights twinkling and the traditions that you formed for us to carry within us the remainder of our lives.

Yes Momma, the traditions are in me and I desperately missed them this year.  Last year you had just left and I was too upset to even know Christmas was happening, but this year it annoyed me that this one very special day passed without fanfare.  Next year, Momma, I will go to Sherry’s and bring fudge and especially one of your dark fruit cakes, soaked in brandy and honey as you always did.

Ah yes, Momma, you are missed more than you can even know.  But next year Christmas, you will be with me at Sherry’s and we can share the fudge and fruitcake and remember the golden years you formed for us and then one day Momma, you will make the most wonderful Christmas again in the place called Al Di La.

My love to you always, Momma


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