N’s No Promise of Today

During the entire time I wrote in my blog, Within Crepusculum, one fellow blogger followed me, encouraged me, gave me strength, allowed me to be a part of her journey in grief following her husband’s tragic early death and then stood faithfully by me as I agonized over my Mother’s death.  N. was there always–day in and day out, come rain or come shine and soon by reading and sharing our blogs we became friends.  It was eerie because we each could feel (without calling or writing) when we were having terrible times because of our grief.

It was a snap combining my blogs–yet I knew I needed to bring order to Suntithenai,  whereby you will be able to understand how it is a synthesis of me.   Today I received a comment on a poem in one of my pages.  After posting a response to the comment I wanted to read another poem I have.   The second poem had a comment from  N., left by her many months, maybe a few years ago.  Within her comment she shared with me a lyric to a song she wrote

I am not going to give you any background information.  I mean only to share a significant song she wrote and hope that you enjoy it as much as I did–

I sat down and wrote this as I watched him walk down the sidewalk after spending the night with me. I knew that he was unable to give or return my love for that moment in time. Because of his pain over loving and loosing, I wondered if I would never know love his love or if he was capable of returning my love.

No Promise Of Today

No promise of today
No hope of a tomorrow
You simply walk away
With no word of your return.

No promise of today
No hope of a tomorrow
Just dreams of yesterday
There is no promise of today

I hoped that you would stay
It’s so painful with your leaving
And I want so much to say
I can accept this as your needing

Because a promise of today
Would only bring you sorrow
So my heart will have to stay
There is no promise of today…

I must turn and walk away
There is no promise of today…


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