The Black of Night



You,  the black of night wraps your drape upon me,

at first I welcome the deepest hues within your folds.

Soon you plant that tiny seed you held next to me

and then it begins the time to beckon me to know.


Determination not to let your hue of midnight tales

awaken me  to a more awareness and yet you do.

Now  there, the tingling, the thoughts , the worries lay

upon my head and I plea to remember  that is doesn’t matter.


Maybe deep with in your clutch I feel as safe as

a babe in swaddling clothes, yet how can there be bloom

when we each know that flowers fade and go,

that hope and dreams and curiosity are dispelled from the heart.


Oh, the black of night, alone with you as always,

swathed  in the  softness of velvet with a tear that falls on my cheek.

Then a second tiny drop of tear and  I turn to thee and ask why,

why can’t your  folds deepen further and take me within forever?



One thought on “The Black of Night

  1. Hi Frank
    I have just returned from a visit to Dalip, he always asks how you are and so I am conveying his regards to you. He is a little low these days, but on the plus side he’s had an article published – memoir of his first hunt with our dad – and it’s motivated him to write more.
    How are you? This is such a sad poem, beautiful as it is, I hope the mood that sparked this has past.


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