75 DAYS Left til 65!

Nope, not a saga of not wanting to reach my birthday, but rather a hope that the days pass swiftly and brings a new year filled with everything normal and nothing like the experiences I have had in my 64th year!!  Each day I look in the mirror and tell myself that my 65th year will be like all my other years and not copy or continue the escapades of my 64th year.

This past year, the one with 75 days left in it, has been one filled with sickness, pain, stupidity, shot hopes, drudgery to continue and certainly a plea that all stops such impediments stop on June 14.   First experienced were fevers that continue to this day.  Possibly they are caused by my bad sinus and their reaction to the Florida climate.  When a fever strikes I become lethargic and little work or creativity or enjoyment of life is possible.  Then, two surgeries (not major) needed time for healing.  The second one a hernia repair kept me inactive for over a month and a half.  Finally, I began feeling better for all my ails and thought I should start working in my garden.  I had gotten rid of the man who worked for me and was without one.  I decided I wanted to bring it in shape and then find a helper for the summer.  

What a good idea, work outside, make the garden look how I like it, use the work for exercise and reap a benefit by losing a pound or two!!  Every thing was going well.  I had swept from one side of the property to the other side.  There is about three quarter’s of an acre of garden and I have been known to weed, rake, clean, trim, mulch, etc. within 10-12 days.  I was nearing the finish line and I knew I could spread mulch the following day if on this day I could get the last area trimmed and cleaned, which included many trees.  I started working early in the morning.  By late morning I had gotten a lot done and had trimmed major branches from the trees.  All I needed to do was clear the area of the branches, rack it well and I would be ready the following day to mulch. 

Yes, that also was a good thought to work toward.   I began clearing the large branches away, carrying more than one at a time.  I didn’t notice one had fallen out of my arms and landed in my foot path.  I took one more step and my foot caught in the “y” of the branch.  The tug surprised me and caused me to topple forward at a very fast clip.  The ride down to the earth isn’t clear.  I only remember looking up to see the sidewalk and the brick edge to the garden about 6 inches from my head.  Wow, what luck!!  Then I rolled over and saw that my chest had landed on a brick.  Silly to have left it laying there.

At the moment I was pain-free.  I pushed the branches aside, got  up, dusted myself off, grabbed the branches and continued on to the lawn rubbish pile.  As I tossed the branches forward I knew I wasn’t the same.  Something was moving in my chest.  Stubborn as I am I didn’t want to think about it and decided I must clean up everything first and then about what might be going on.

Finally done and still not admitting much I decided to take a shower.  While in the shower the pain began.  It was in my chest and in my left hip.  Within a very short time the pain got worse.  I knew I had to call M. to come home.  I called and simply said, “I think I broke a rib!”

I broke two ribs and twisted my hip severely.  The pain was gruesome and remained that way for many, many days.  This became the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Little by little I realized how much this pain and injury was bothering me and I felt that to climb back to what I was before would not be easy.  It has been more than difficult.  In fact it is down right depressing.  I am now struggling to climb back up that hill and find if I push too hard it makes me slide back down the hill.

If I find  that after the 75 days pass and I am continue experiencing new pitfalls I will be unhappy!

I have decided that what ever ills needs to happen to me must happen within the next 75 days.


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