Catnip Crazy and other Shenanigans

Blackie (Mother)
Perched on the Foot of the Bed
named after “The Phantom of the Opera”


We lived in sublime peace.   Each day I enjoyed our pristine house.  I like perfect order with pillows arranged on each white sofa for balance and color.  One of the carpets, not only adds interest, its design is uniquely pleasing to me, as well as, a big heavy glass and brass coffee table.  The rest of the rooms, like the Great Room, were carefully planned and then taken care of to last a lengthy time.

While I was away in India, a cat came to visit.  Hungry and frightened she welcomed the food and care M. gave her.  When I arrived home she lived on the patio.  Blackie soon became “Mother” and it was inevitable that Mother and Phantom, her son, became  established residents!

This morning M. decided to put some Catnip on their scratching rug.  Before he could get to the rug, Phantom and Blackie dashed past him to arrive at the rug before him.  How they each knew it was Catnip is very eery!!  The next hour was bliss for them.  Blackie is dominant and sprawled upon the rug,  Phantom had the edges of the rug and the sprinkles of Catnip that flew over the floor when he knocked M’s had as he started to sprinkle the Catnip.

Phantom’s somersaults and twirling around on the floor were very comical and Blackie’s glazed eyes reminded me of someone on “Pot”.   Ah they were in euphoria!

As always, a bit of a row happened between them.  Blackie laid serenely on the rug with a “cat grin” on her face, while Phantom laid quietly a short distance away.

The little arguments and  manipulations between them go on continually.  Blackie makes sure Phantom understands that M. is her’s.  She watches like a hawk that Phantom does not get to close to him.  Her control is amazing since Phantom is a big cat weighing in at seventeen pounds, yet he usually lets her have her way:  she is his Mother.   They enjoy their  antics late in the night and in the morning I am always amazed to see chairs moved, or tipped over, pillows tossed about and bits of my large floral arrangement are scattered about the carpet.  Often, my prized carpet suffers from Phantom digging into it.  Blackie isn’t much better.  She prefers to scratch my white sofa.

I have learned that I can not expect perfection from a cat, but nonetheless I enjoy giving them both lectures on correct cat demeanor in a house.   Regardless, I lose on many occasions when I try to accommodate them.  Phantom used to sleep on a white slip covered chair.   In time it became dog-eared and very tacky looking.  I decided to upholster the chairs with a good white vinyl  thinking that the chair could be wiped off after he sleeps on it.

I found out that he will not lay on vinyl.   His next “bed”, because of the softness, is my good white sofa.  Fortunately, he only uses one cushion on the sofa.  If I put a towel down for him to lay on he crumples up the towel and the sofa still gets his hair.  The other day I decided to make white fabric  covers for the cushion.    After I put the cover on, Phantom was very  cautious to climb on the sofa.  By bedtime he sprawled across the cushion, sound asleepon his back with his paws curled up.  Blackie stretched out across the glass coffee table.  Even in the dim light I was sure I saw the smudges from her paws across the glass.

Since it seems they think this is home, I find myself lamenting that I must share my world with them.  There isn’t much I can do except to occasionally box a cat ear or laugh at a somersault the next time Phantom enjoys the Catnip!


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