Could I be my OPPOSITE??

After I finished cleaning the car, including cleaning the leather seats and upholstery, I ran in the kitchen to get a drink before I showered and realized that it needs straightening and the counter had smudges and sticky crumbs on it.  A few dishes were in the sink that needed washing and some laundry was in the wash machine.   Last night, before I went to bed, instead of watching television for a short time, I cleaned the kitchen including polishing the counters, emptying the garbage and putting all the dishes away.  Standing dead center in the kitchen I asked why couldn’t I just leave it all be this way and why I always am uncomfortable if the house is in slight disarray.

“Why can’t I be like my OPPOSITE is!!

  • The house is very nice and I like it to shiny and polished and clean all the time.
  • I like clothes that are washed and ironed.
  • I like the yard neat, trimmed, weeded and mowed.
  • I like the bed made in the morning with the  bed spread on and the accent pillows placed at the head.
  • The accents and pillows in the  Great Room’s are to be in their proper place.

I can go on and on about how I like things, but I think it would become a boring since the list above gives you a good picture of me.

Simply put, I like everything nicely done and kept that way.  My Opposite would surely think I am anal.   I will admit that my Opposite will have much more time available to him and I suppose no one would think he is that much of a slob if he doesn’t iron his clothes.  If he doesn’t take a little extra time as he removed them from the dryer the clothes will be wrinkled.  Wrinkled clothes are an ingredient for being a slob!  .   He most likely doesn’t even see the need to make the bed everyday, nor feels that dusting the furniture and keeping the houses neat is ever necessary.

I have traveled through the many quirks I have that make me the person I am.  My great attention to detail, a love for color, an attraction to both symmetry and asymmetry affords me the ability to be an artist, as well as a great cook and has the ability to design his own furnishings in the house.  I am sensitive and rarely cross social mores.  To offend some one is in direct conflict when I believe fully that,

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me.

Not any use wasting any more time  asking if I could be my OPPOSITE.  If I could, then I wouldn’t  be me.

I am me!


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