To Live with a Lighter Load

Hopefully, during our next move, I will be able to feel what is like to only have what you need to have.  It sounds like I want to life with the bare bone necessities.   The bare necessities of life bring to mind camping out on a mountain and really roughing it, something I have never wanted to do.  Not long ago a friend of ours visited his nephew.  His sister, the mother of this person, accompanied them.   I guess they knew that her son was renovating an old home, yet they did not understand where in the process of renovation was his house.  Upon arrival they found a house stripped of wall board, plaster, etc.  There was running water–only cold.  They found out they wasn’t a bathroom and that they (two people nearly 70) would help put in the toilet, sink, shower, tile and grout.  Amazing as it sounds, they didn’t run.  Neither one must not have needed the “necessity” room and so the reality had not hit.  By bed time they realized what the lack of a toilet meant.  I guess they used the back yard.  Next morning, though, they did miss the sink to wash up in, take a shower, brush your teeth, etc.  Each time nature called they had to go to their assigned back yard space.  They tolerated doing that, but by the 3rd day they tired of going to a park to wash and shower.  On that day they checked into a motel.

That little story is way past the stage of bone necessities as I see it.  Reminda me too much of my stay in Vietnam sleeping in a tent made with a poncho and never having a toilet.    Within the first hour of arriving,  I would have decided to leave.  To lighten my load means to  rid life of all that isn’t  needed.  I own many sets of china, have flatware enough for a huge party, a large closet over flows with table clothes, my studio has items I rarely use and in my closet are clothes that I couldn’t even get my big toe into!!  They are from a past life, a time when this older, fat body, wore stylish clothes and was thin!!

Today I have decided I must sort everything in my studio.  Every scrap  of fabric or paper that isn’t usable goes to the garbage, everything that is decent and I don’t want will go to Goodwill and all that I will keep is ready for packing.  After a couple of hours I looked at the floor with piles of debris.  They are  larger than the keep pile and the Goodwill pile.   Hopefully, this will be a good lesson for me not to accumulate “stuff” that will end up in the garbage can anyway!!

Every other area in the house has items  I use.  In everyone of those areas I must carefully decide what I want to keep.  Many items I will never give up, but there are others that I enjoy using since the the storage closets in the house are more than ample to hold  them.  Hopefully when I finish sorting I will have three piles again:  keep–sell–Goodwill!!  The furniture in all the rooms is far easier to decide their destiny.   I will keep  the antiques, my piano and a sofa and 2 chairs .  I will sell the rest   and if some pieces do not sell I will give it away to anyone who will pick it up and take it away!

I have grown accustomed to living in large homes and using all my possessions.  This current house was a pleasure since it had so many closets and areas to store.  I wonder how I will react living in a condo again, hopefully one with lots of room, although it can never equal the joy of living in a house and easily walking out onto a lawn!

My load will be lighter!  Will I!!


One thought on “To Live with a Lighter Load

  1. That’s sounding a l lot like what I’m feeling these days. I want to go through all my stuff…books, crafting items, sewing items, clothing, videos, cd’s, etc. and get rid of anything that doesn’t suit me anymore or make me smile.

    I wish you good luck on lightening the load, Frank.


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