I Want to Dream a Dream

I want to dream a dream today.  I want to dream of somewhere far away, to fly far into the sky and then to stop and rest upon the nose of the Man in the Moon.  I want to dream a dream today, napping as  the Man in the Moon cradles me on his nose and when I stir and open my eyes a stream of stars before me carries me off within their brilliance.  Ah, yes, to dream my dream brings me journeys to follow that are far, far away.

I need to dream a dream and find myself at the crest of a rainbow wondering where it will eventually go.   I float and shuffle between its colorful rows and  feel the same childish glee  I did when I first saw the glow of Christmas lights being reflected in the strands of silvery tinsel.  I smile because lately the gift of discovery often seems so far away, yet as I dream this dream of a rainbow ride I know it still exists.

Come dream a dream with me where there are no limits, no need for caution, nor a reason for the reluctance in life.  Let’s dream a dream where smiles live upon a pillow of tender hearts or possibly an endless pasture where the purple blossoms of clover beckon us to lie within its bed of green.   Come dream this dream with me or choose to dream a dream you want.

If I dream a dream today, if my dream takes me to places far, far away, as if by chance, I am able to dream a dream of a pleasant journey, then each new day may shimmer hopefully.  To dream a dream, to see where I can go, to remember the journeys within  my head will lead me to a path where I will smile contentedly. 


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