One more cramped time…

One more time, cramped, stuffy, breathing in each other’s breath, wondering if a new germ will be caught in my nose and mix with my existing nasal congestion and bring me a condition I will find more intolerable than the one I now have. I don’t need to wonder why I continue to travel so that i may be blessed with so many obstacles. Travel no longer is the joy of yesterday, now it is dog-eared, utilitarian and provides nothing from its past services, leaving the passengers to be only bags of grain they must haul to another place.

My visits to Illinois, presently two per year, are twofold. One is to have a superb Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her husband. Ah, such a tasty treat and the bounty she provides allows me to travel back in time to other memorable dinners made by my mother, although, the two feasts should not be compared since they both are labeled in my heart and tummy as great.

Only a few days ago my sister asked how much turkey I wanted and would I want a sandwich in the evening after we had dinner. I smiled, responded by saying that I couldn’t imagine not wanting a big, moist turkey sandwich with mayonnaise, dressing, thin layer of cranberry sauce and topped with slices of swiss or cheddar cheese. It’s not piggy to have a big sandwich, it’s a tradition and since I get this turkey once a year, I want as much as my tummy allows!

The journey is much more than just the turkey. We are the last of our family and have always been closely bonded. We will sit and chat, go to the diner for breakfast, go out for latte’s and machiatto’s and go back home to chat more, although while at home time must be spent with her husband and then of course, the dog. Yes, the dog who is alone since his brother died, remembers me and expects his fair share of attention.

The second trip is made in late April to visit our parents grave and spruce up the site. No matter how we strive to make the grave site to look great we fail. When we arrived the next time the graves were again in disrepair. Usually, the weather is chilly and rainy. Last year we decided to plant bushes and try for a perennial success. In doing the work we each became muddy and filthy. Ah, what a site we were walking into a restaurant for dinner!

The stuffy, planes, small seats, germs and security lines at the the airport, the cost of tickets and the indignities of traveling in our time are not enough to stop me, they are the way thats gets me there and gets me back home.


2 thoughts on “One more cramped time…

  1. Dear Frank,
    Your piece conjures up images of a trip to NY when as a 10 year old I tasted my first turkey and sour tomato, also during thanksgiving. Of course we took a train, always an adventure for a youngster and we arrived at the aftermath of a storm that left flooded streets and extensive power outages. Our hosts were cold and shuttled us to friends and relatives who’s houses were warm. I had a ball.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & family.


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