Strangely, Quiet and Calm

It’s strangely, quiet and calm, quite the opposite of the usual bustle. I face the empty desk and blank monitor at the gate. there are no attendants anywhere. When another half an hour passes and all remains quiet I may wonder what is up, down or any direction. Waiting to leave passes swiftly! It doesn’t always pass so well–then I become more and more impatient.

The damp air is cold and windy with a grey sky. In a couple of hours if there is a temperature drop it will dry dry up the dampness, although, in five hours I will be back home where gentle, tropical breezes blow in the winter. Even though I suffer from bad sinus’, heightened by the temperate climate, I choose to have a nose problem rather than be cold.

The bitterness of the Midwest winter left its mark on me since childhood and I find no pleasure in shivering, jumping around to warm my toes or needing thick clothing to keep warm. Scooping snow, scraping frost from the car window, using a heated blanket in bed or walking in a blizzard’s winter wonderland is not for me. Today, the wind ripped through my coat as i filled the car with gas. The jumping dance was necessary to keep me warm. I leave the weather without regret until I return again in the spring.

The airpot bustle is here. The gate is busy with passengers. It is no longer quiet and calm!


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