Service, Surveys: What is the Use!

The other day I completed a survey from the airlines rating their service.  I thought, “Why would they ask….they couldn’t possibly want to know!”  One question asked if the attendants provided good service and if they interacted with the passengers at any other time.

Each of my responses rated their service and interactions as poor.  Tonight, on board a flight to return home after Thanksgiving I have become very aware that the answer needed more choices or an area to write a note.

As I stood at the end of the Jetway waiting to get on the plane, I watched the Captain digging in a storage bin just inside the plane.  He was completely unaware or didn’t care that passengers were waiting while a swift cold wind was blowing on them.

Not one attendant said hello as we passed them.

The attendants who offered the complimentary soda, etc. barely looked at me or anyone when they asked if we wanted something.

One stewardess made one quick pass to pick up trash.  After that many passengers sat with empty cans, glasses and napkins in their hands waiting for them to return.  They didn’t.

Just before we began the descent I walked to the rear of the plane with my can of Diet Coke, glass with melted ice and my napkin.  Both stewardesses were in a seat, oblivious that someone was by their station.  I placed my trash on the little counter and walked to the restroom.  As I passed I saw one stewardess engrossed in a book and the other was having a merry time playing games on her iPhone.

On leaving the plane the first class steward, the only one at the exit door, looked at me.  He said nothing to me, nor did he say goodbye to other passengers.

Okay, maybe I expect too much.  Was this service??  I believe I should have written something in that survey, but where could I do it.  Hmm, don’t expect my next flight will have too much more service!


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