Dance of Leaves

You and I can do what we are capable of creating. Your techniques, thoughts and approaches to any creation, whether it is a cookie or an intricate computer program, are different from mine. We think differently, we see the world in different perspectives. If we didn’t life would be very boring and we would be stuck in a world with a core of sameness. So often, others tell us that what we have created is so sensitive and stands far above what others have made.   And I usually think, “how do they know?”

Yet, there are times when I know, regardless of what a man or woman makes, there is another who makes the most sublime creations that you can make you stand in awe.

It has been exceptionally windy in southern Florida the past two days with a wind that is unusual for here. As the wind passed through my garden it created a rustle mimicking the sounds of wind in the Midwest or on the East Coast where the golden leaves of Autumn wag gently at their join to the branch til they loosen and fall serenely to the ground.  The sound sweeping through the leaves are reminiscent of layers of silk brushing lightly upon the next; a sound remarkably calming to the ear and the spirit.

After trimming and cleaning the front garden I used the garden blower to direct strewn leaves on the lawn  across the road to a place where I could collect them for disposal.  Each time I blew them in one direction the wind returned them to me, placing them back from their original place.  I turned off the blower, shrugged my shoulders and as I returned to the house I stopped to see a wonderful sight that I had not seen for years.

The wind formed two circles of leaves, each with twelve.  In perfect time, without breaking formation, the two circles danced down the street.  Each leaf leaned one way and then the other way while gently moving up an down.  They were graceful in their movements as the wind created the circular pattern they kept.  I thought while I watched that nothing man-made could every match this amazing creation.

The following day I returned to the front garden to trim a coconut palm.  The wind was blowing across our drive and down the street.  This time  a queue of leaves, standing upright as the others did, also danced down the street. At one time I counted 20 large, golden leaves prancing down the street.

I don’t understand all the factors of wind and I don’t care if I do.  What is much more important is the graceful dance the leaves and wind provieded me, a dance that was much more breathtaking than any dance troupe I have seen, nor have I seen anything equal that a man could make!


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