Lovely Day Isn’t It–



Sitting, resting, knowing every detail (flaw) in the room, conjuring up one project after the next that speaks of disaster, getting anxious, waiting, looking out  rather than going, knowing the aftermath of going forever, policing me–the independent, foolish renegade who craves to sprout my sovereign seed during these days.

Analyzing day after day predicaments, admitting what must be, acknowledging what is and accepting the must be is the stepping stone to unmuddle the muddle in which I live.  Oh no, admit or acknowledge what is?  Not a nice thing to do, but how else does the bulb in the brain light up, how else does the body and brain light the bulb that lights me!!

Hunger comes when the brain bulb goes off.  Too bright, too clear, put a restart on the bulb, just slow down.  Light bulb brains can melt….. a puddle syrupy mess on the floor.  So much akin to binge eating.  Ah yes, I shall change to a nice soft, ambient brain bulb.  There, now, I feel better.  A little information, a little bit of admitting  fact and I see,  I know and I allow the I am and I smile glowing glows of sunshine.

Lovely day isn’t it??

Confused???–I am!


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