Boredom Provokes

When it is necessary, I go somewhere and twiddle my thumbs while I wait for energy to rally again.  The quiet time is when boredom strikes and provokes my mind to search for the next bit of project I can do, without considering whether I have finished what I was working on before.  I have always started new before finishing an old project, yet now I do this more than before.

Already, today, in the early morning hours I have started one thing, gone on to the next and disregarded that I have to do a few chores before the cleaning woman arrives.  Then in the middle of all of this I sat on the sofa playing games on Facebook for too long and forgot I  left the cat out side in the dark.  When I remembered she was no where in sight.  I called her but she wouldn’t ever answer  me.  Finally, there she was.  I told her to come in and she told me no.  Just a few minutes later was her chosen time  to come in.  All in all the little escapade took away the boredom,  but left a residual layer of nervousness to deal with.

I probably would be back playing games on Facebook, if I didn’t choose to write this down.  Both hopefully will bring calm to me.  Some of Facebook’s games are so senseless that if  I have a brain to play them.   Day after day, trying to keep me in check during this period of convalescent, the games give the mind with senseless activity which keeps other thoughts from germinating.

Well, I am happy that games offer some way of escaping from the thoughts to start more projects by filling in the restful period.  But I will not agree that the cat was innocent.  Her independence got me nervous even though boredom was the real cause!!


2 thoughts on “Boredom Provokes

  1. Hi Frank! Just wrote you a message on FB. Was not aware you have this blogg; just discovering it now, didn’t know you write too. You are so thoughtful, talented and beautiful Frank! Ti voglio bene.


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