A Raisin Up!!

There are times in families when everyone does not share equally in the recognition pot.  Often caused  because everyone judges another on their own criteria, although, that can be  influenced  by another.  Maybe someone’s  actions, past smiles or facial expressions govern their judgement when they don’t take the time to know the other person.  Also and unfortunately there are some members of families that are easily accepted and others that just aren’t. 

This morning M and I were most happy when his brother’s very significant other or untethered spouse called to say he was staying another night with her.  Unfortunately, C. has Alzheimer’s and it is worsening, although there are periods that he is very clear in thought.  He has been staying with us until his new apartment is ready.  We were happy  he was staying with R another night because we recognize he  is much happier with R  than here with us.  They have a relationship, she knows how to handle him best, he loves being with her.

I told M to text her back and say, “Thanks, you are an Angel!”  Her response, mostly due to little  recognition for being instrumental in his livelihood after ten years was,  “In my family we would call it something else!”

Funny yes, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when they should get recognition.   And so with truth laced in  sweet humor I present this award to R!



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