If I Were God!!

You may feel that I am presumptuous in my little fantasy about what I may do if I were “God”, but remember fantasies are fantasies and I am only writing my thoughts that are stimulated by some happening.  Please understand this is a partial fantasy list that may or may not be added to a greater, future list.   So, if I were God–

  • Create Man so that he can multi-task (true multi-tasking) and that when needed, other fingers, hands and arms appear to help with the work.
  • Create Man to be able to work through the night, night after night without tiring or getting sore necks or red eyes, when they need to get enormous amounts of work done in a short period of time.
  • All injury repairs instantaneously, thus negating time for healing.
  • Exclude nervousness, depression, obesity, nasty, mean behavior, madness removed from man’s world.
  • Give all humans perfect pitch!
  • All humans will accept all other humans and compliment them on their appearance and work.
  • Create a never-ending source of money for everyone.
  • Remove absolute words, like “no” , when  used to control a situation  needlessly!

Additions to the 10 Commandments

  • After 50 years, give the cook in all relationships two days off each week.
  • After 65 years, give the same cook four nights out in a restaurant.
  • Regardless of the age in all relationships, if you cook your mate washes the dishes.  If you wash and iron the clothes then the mate cleans the house for an equal time.  Continue on splitting everything until it is equal!!

God could go on forever.  I am not God and  dinner awaits being made and the dishes are still piled in the sink.

Now what would you do if you were God?


2 thoughts on “If I Were God!!

  1. Frank, this was interesting and FUN! I don’t think the poor cook should have to work 50-65 yrs. for time off or to be taken to a fine restaurant! He or she should have those benefits from Day # 1!


    1. Thanks for all the likes and your comment about the cook. The comment is based not only in my relationship, but my sister’s and my Mother’s. Once years ago my Mother said she was so tired of cooking everyday. She was about 65. Now I understand because for 40 years I have done it non-stop. Probably a trait in my family!! Gotta work on that problem. Frank


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