A Game of Hissing


It’s early morning, the house is quiet and it’s my time.  It’s my time unless our cat is on the prowl.  As I poured my coffee, I turned to see her staring at me.  She sits at the door, at first silently waiting and then if I don’t let her out she becomes more adamant and may meow, not a nice meow but a very aggravating meow!

Since it is very early I tell her that she can’t go out and I head into my office just off the kitchen.  I don’t turn on the lights because if I do she will start a ruckus of noise.  Today, just after I sat down she came to the door, rested on her haunches and stared at me.  If I tell her again that she can’t go out this early she won’t care because she can’t tell the difference from one hour to the next.  All she knows is that I am up and she wants out.

When I finally let her out she stops to hiss at me as she passes by, then runs full speed ahead across the threshold and to the patio..  Once she is outside she stops, turns and looks back at me as I close door.  I have never understood what that look means!

She and I are not the closest of buddies.  She adores M and thinks he is her Savior.  He believes she is his special, wonderful, smart cat.  When they are both in the house she constantly follows him.  I must admit that she follows every command he gives her and when I call her to come or tell her to stop doing something I get the hiss, sometimes many, many hisses.

One morning most of the lights were out in the house.  I came down from the Master Room upstairs and crossed the kitchen to go through the Great Room to get to the Den.  As my foot landed on the Great Room floor I jumped in surprise when I heard a barrage of hissing.  I jumped, nearly dropped my computer, stopped and looked down at her.  It was the day that I decided when she hisses at me I will hiss back.

My own grouping of hisses mimicked hers enough to make her stop and stare at me.  Then she hissed again, I hissed back, she took two steps backward and hissed and I took two steps forward and hissed.  Next, I continued on my journey to the den to lay on the sofa.  Occasionally, I heard little furry cat paws with nails clicking on the wood floor as she passed by.  Finally,  I decided enough was enough and got up to let her out.  As the door opened she ran to the door, stopped to look at me and then walked out.

Her silence made me think I had won the battle and that she understood the lesson.  An hour later she wanted in.  I opened the door to let her in and when she was in the house she stopped, turned and gave me a long, harsh hiss.

It’s now a time that is appropriate for her to go out and visit her friends.  I wonder how she will react as she passes me.  She has eaten the food I set out for her,  for which I am never thanked.  If M. fed her she wants a pet…..for me nothing and so our relationship continues on in this way.  I wonder if the hissing will ever stop.  For now, we continue to hiss.

I think she enjoys the game!!


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