It All Begins Now

It all begins now, as I sit in this large, reclining chair  with my legs up, enjoying the chair’s massage unit and munching on little goldfish crackers, I could write about some posh spa I am in, yet the truth is I am at the Cancer Institute receiving my first round of chemotherapy.  Outside, the clouds are rolling in and soon another heavy Florida rain will begin.  Inside in the therapy room I am in a quiet corner without another patient near, although, there are many patients in the room, although the size of the room the activity seems diminished.

I  arrived at 8:30 a.m.   Now it is noon.  The morning passed as I received drugs for nausea and other side affects.  During the course of the day I will get ample  saline with sodium chloride to keep me hydrated.  By the time I leave am sure I will visit the bathroom many times!

sunThe first drug finishes in ninety minutes and then two more are given one at a time.

The Cancer Institute is in a new building with good architecture outside and hasnon-typical interior design in its choice of wall finishes, flooring, furniture and a handsome, curved, marble stairway with glass and chrome railings.

As only M can remark, he said that the Institute is so nice because of its large endowments.  The majority of funds come from generous philanthropist and in return for their generosity individual cancer units are given their names in recognition.  The names at this  Cancer Institute are unknown to me since I assume they are Floridians.  I plan to research who they are and become familiar with them.

Yea, it all began today.  My regular chemotherapy will be over in twelve weeks.  The third  drug continues on and on for a year.   Then for this experience it will be over and time will be the judge!


5 thoughts on “It All Begins Now

  1. I am so happy that you have M to be with you on this journey. You will get through this challenging time! Frank, I will be praying for you! Conserve your energy and rest whenever you can. Your body will be fighting a tremendous battle! Jan


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