Stones, Boulders and Sink Holes

Lately, strolling down my path, I find stones, boulders and even an occasional sink hole.  When I trip on one, my first reaction is to question what is in store for me.  The bumpy, unknowns are happenings that I prefer not to experience, yet I am powerless in controlling them.  Often, medical help  brings the path back to a level state.   Rarely, any guarantee of success is unavailable!.

Now, the days and nights are much different than two months ago.  After I found out I have cancer, I didn’t question that a lobectomy was necessary.   Immediately following surgery, I may have been apprehensive about tomorrow.  Hope, humor and support from friends and family reinforced my own strong will to keep on trekkin and carry a belief that all would soon end.

A couple of weeks ago, a boulder stood up and blocked my path.  It brought with it many new problems that keep me from moving forward.  Very soon I was at the emergency room and admitted.  The next few days were a blur, yet I knew the reason for me to be so ill  had not coalaced in the heads of Doctors.  It felt as though I was a pawn, one without much say about my health and certainly one who could not help solve the problem!

When my medication changed I started feeling much better.  My fever receded, my appetite returned.  I was on my way home and the band began playing a lively beat.

One day after being home, the fever returned and the cough is monumental.

I think I fell into a sink hole.

Will this ever pass?


3 thoughts on “Stones, Boulders and Sink Holes

  1. Dear Frank, two of the hardest challenges of cancer is “having patience” and dealing with the feelings of “not having control over what is happening to us.” YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS CHALLENGING TIME, FRANK. Rest all you can and allow others to nurture you. I keep you in my prayers! Jan


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