Quiet Time

Very early morning is no longer strange to me.  As I grew older and began to go to bed earlier, the dark of early morning met me as I arose earlier and earlier.  Each day it became friendlier to me.   It’s a quiet time inside and out which brings tranquility to me so that I am inspired to do something more than lay on the sofa and wait for the hours to pass.  Not long ago I painted, sewed, cleaned, arranged within the house while I waited for sunrise to come.  When the sun just started to break over the horizon I stopped what I was doing, dressed quickly and in a few minutes was out in my garden working, sometimes for hours or only a few if it was in the summer time.

Our cat, Blackie, also likes to go outside in the early morning, but I don’t think that she cares about tranquility or enjoying the garden.  Blackie is out on the prowl, looking, sniffing, rolling around the dirt (ugh) and presently seems to have a longing to be out front of the house so that she can meet her date.  She certainly is infatuated with him. Yesterday, I watched as she rolled over many times, meowed a”come hither” tone and  wiggled her backside for him.  When I see her do this I thank God that she no longer can get pregnant.  One litter from her is quite enough!!

I think she could have done better finding a friend/suitor or partner for sexual fulfillment, but I think this cat is a cousin to Blackie’s first litter.  The older cat enjoyed prowling the neighborhood and impregnating every female he could find.  Too bad he wasn’t a gorgeous cat.  His genes handed down, like he was, just a basic ordinary cat!!  I must remember to talk to Blackie that she is too refined to go out with riff raff!

Whether it is her doing her thing, or me in the house, we each enjoy this time of day.  It is our private time, our time without questions or concerns, a time purely for us to do as we want!


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