Serendipity Calls


Quite some time ago I hired a cleaning service. I have never liked housekeeping agencies  because it is hard for me to accept that three workers can clean my house in two hours.  This particular service made me uncomfortable from the first day, most likely because the owner, Ms. “I know better than YOU!” told me that she could see that I needed her service!!   In my defense, she uses manipulatory remarks to influence prospective clients into signing with her.   My house is always clean!!

After using the agency for a couple of months a new worker replaced one of the team.  Her name was Sandra.  Shortly after she  began cleaning she asked if there was anything she should be aware of when cleaning.   At first her question stunned me and then I thought a moment and realized that she was quite unusual;  a person interested enough in her job to ask questions!

Fortune comes when you least expect it.   I decided to stop the cleaning service at the same time Sandra needed to leave the agency.  She asked if I would like her to clean our house, although she could not begin immediately.   Without hesitation I wanted to yell:  YES, YES, YES,  but I answered calmly with a simple yes so that the “team” didn’t catch on to our conversation.

Two weeks later, Sandra arrived for the first time on a Friday to clean the house.   Now, many, many months later Sandra is still with us and I doubt whether we could do without her.   Presently, she works two days a week, one day to clean the downstairs and another day to clean the upstairs that has recently been renovated  into a Master Bedroom Suite, Office and Media Room.

Usually when Sandra arrives at the front door M.  opens the door for her and often teases  her that the 7:45 am chiming of the doorbell  is like a trusted alarm clock, one which never loses or gains time so it always will ring a the same exact time:   When Sandra presses the button for the doorbell to ring we know it is exactly 7:45 am.   She enters the house with a smile on her face and asks how we are, then marches off to the kitchen to put her bottled water in the refrigerator,  stops  to chat a few moments with me and then gathers  her supplies from the cleaning closet.

We know the “cleaning” routine;  on the day that she cleans upstairs we stay downstairs until she finishes and then if she is downstairs for the day we go upstairs.   While she cleans we often hear her briskly walking through the house  in  her stocking feet.   Even though she is stocking footed the steps are like notes in forming a fairly fast cadence in rhythm.   When she has work to do I can’t ever her walk to be slow.   She often leaves her shoes at the bottom of the stairway.  The shoes seem mighty teensy to me and I have begun calling her “Little Feet” when I see them!

Sandra has been instrumental in changing my belief that my luck is bad.  I think of how Sandra came here and I know it is more than pure luck because she is a Godsend.  Since May, when I realized I had cancer, through the surgery and now during my Chemo Treatments she makes sure the house is well cared for and willingly does many extra chores so that I don’t try to do them.  She is adamant that I leave the house to her to clean and if I need her on some other day to help that I must promise to call her.

From her first day, if I ask her to do something that is not part of regular cleaning chores, I soon realized that  no task is too much for her and she is always willing to do more. Tell me would the person who cleans your house:

    • clean your driveway of rust
    • pull weeds
    • straighten up your garage
    • help clean a storage room

Hmnnn, I didn’t think so.

Sandra is a special lady. She is married and has two daughters and a grandchild. She works all week, including cleaning a Greek Orthodox Church at night. The weekends are spent with her family,  yet,  she doesn’t sit still. There is gardening, house improvements, etc. to be done.  Regardless of her busyness she smiles and takes on the next task with care.

I marvel at the serendipitous way we met and appreciate how it led us into a great friendship. It is time to take a glass in hand and toast her big heart, a heart that leads her through life in her own exceptional way.

To Sandra!!  Thank You and May Your Days Always Have Sunshine!!



One thought on “Serendipity Calls

  1. I am so pleased to know that you have someone you trust to help you around your home. It makes such a difference to have a kind-hearted person who obviously loves her job around to take some of the load off of you, especially at a time like this. 🙂


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