A Star is Born?? Who am I to Argue??

Frank Fur Sep2013


Yesterday, our nephew and wife came to visit midday.  Just as soon as he was in the door and saw my newly clipped bald head, he asked if I had a mink coat.  I answered that I didn’t have a mink coat, but from the years you could wear fur I have a beautiful long hair otter hidden in my closet.  He asked if I would get it, put it on and make sure I had the color up and the coat entirely closed so they couldn’t see my black and green t-shirt!

As I walked into the Great Room, he called out with much excitement that he was right, that I looked like a twin of Uncle Festus from The Adams Family.  I looked a little strange and asked what made the difference if I did and why such a big smile on his face.  He explained that he wanted to take a photo of me and then post it so that the photo became viral through the ability of internet sharing.  This was all new and different to me.  I am usually behind in internet terms and told him since he was so excited that he could take the picture.

He and M. disagreed where I should stand for the photo.   Each took a photo.  He used M’s photo.

Next, he opened a Twitter account he hadn’t used in a very long time.  Once on Twitter he searched for famous people he could connect with to see the photo and help it along the internet sharing process for it to become viral.  I thought,  “Oh nothing will come of this, but he is happy doing it so let him do it!!”

Yesterday at noon he had 30 original connections.  This morning by 7:00 a.m. he sent me many text  messages to bring me up to date.  He then had 2500  new connections and the photo had already been tagged as the most popular on Twitter.  Speechless, I read connections like Paris Hilton, Piers Morgan, Ben Stiller,  Jimmy Fallon and many others.

In one of his last text to me he said I had become a “Star”!   Judy Garland did a lot more than that in the movie “A Star is Born”  for career recognition,  but I must say she did not have my sweet nephew, nor was Twitter there for her!!  So again, who am I to argue if stardom comes to me!!


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