A Call to Patience Again

Last week I decided it was time for me to find out if I could do any work in my garden.   I have not done anything in the garden since my surgery on April 4.   At that time I was doing everything in the garden since I became adamant that the inexpensive workers we hire never do the job correctly, even when shown and instructed in how to pull a weed.  As usual, on my first day I walked  out of the house at daybreak to take a tour of our property  and decide what I wanted to try to do.

It took me a very short time to see what a disarray our  property was in.  It’s amazing how fast plants  grow in Florida, particularly over a period of six months.   Even though this was a walk to see and judge what work was needed to be done  and then to decide what I could do, the further I walked around I realized that the  time had come for me to get busy.  I reasoned that if I worked a minimum of five hours a week I would do more than any of our garden workers.

Since that walk,  I knew I must begin slowly not only in what I was doing but also how long I remained in the garden.  The first day I spent one hour, then after skipping a day of work, the second day  I spent two hours.  Today I was able to last six hours before I decided I needed to stop.  My capabilities are the same as before.  My endurance to keep doing things needs to build slowly and so I watch carefully that I never feel that I have overdone myself. 

Maybe in another two weeks I will be able to do things easier, like getting up and down ten times in 5 minutes!!  Each day when I finish my body aches.    I am determined to keep going at a pace I can do and one day my garden will look like it used to   I guess it is one more time I must be patient.  No matter what, recovery is not a great time in any life, particularly in mine!


4 thoughts on “A Call to Patience Again

  1. Frank take one day at a time, build up your strenght and you will make it You are doing a great job and we have faith in you.. dont over exert yourself. listen to your body it will tell you when to stop. glad that you are getting out and getting a little work done in your garden and getting some sun, take care


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