To Travel, To Think

We are leaving for New York tomorrow morning.  The day before is always a busy day, but today seems busier than usual.  I often wonder why I need to do laundry in the middle of thinking which pair of pants will fit around my tummy.  I was a little surprised when I tried on pants the other day.  The biggy size I always take to try on were very baggy this time.  I ended up getting into a size 38 dress pants.  I still think the manufacturer erred in sizing the pants correctly.  I have only lost a few pounds, although, it could be my fat has gotten softer, thus allowing it to be condensed to fit into a smaller size!  Truth is when I look in the mirror, well you know, with nuttin’ on the body looks a wee bit too big!!

So, I have one pair of pants that fit well and now the decision is which other pants in my all black wardrobe will fit and be comfortable to travel in without wrinkling that is caused by being squished into the smaller airline seats, the ones that also have little leg room unless you want to pop an extra $20 each way  for one of  the better larger seats.  These are all tawdry worries/complaints that I should not think about!

The more important is how I will handle traveling, being in a crowded airport and plane where enough germs pass by me to surely make me ill.  Being cautious is important.   I certainly do not need a cold or virus that will affect my lungs with a nasty cough and increase my wheezing!  I suppose it was the thought of travel that prompted me to start coughing and wheezing constantly last night.  I guess I need to just do this trip and not think I am going to get sick, even though I will be staying with friends, one of which has just gotten over a virus with deep coughing and flu-like conditions.

The trip will soon be over and I will be back home to garden, wait for my next Avastin/Chemo Treatment and start little repair jobs inside the house, as well as continuing to restore my garden.  After thinking about the busyness of the day before travel I realize it isn’t much worse than my daily chores!


3 thoughts on “To Travel, To Think

  1. Frank, how are you doing? Enjoy the trip and don’t think about all the other stuff. Mind over matter :). Just keep a hankie near by and cover your mouth when someone sneezes. get a mask ha ha so have fun I hope it is a wonderful trip for you. not a medical one. you always look so good but I know deep down you cover it up. like me with my fibro. have a good time and talk later about the trip I am interested to hear about New York… your friiend Patti


    1. Hi Patti, it is a quick trip so that Martin and I become a legal couple after 40 years, which then will be good for taxes. Our accountant continually nags for us to get this done. If all goes well we might get around more than I think we will. Hopefully the weather will warm up cause I freeze in weather lower than 40. Sorry that I have been so slow on crime scene. I try to play a couple times a week so I can send you cards and stuff they offer. And yes I shall let you know how all goes! Frank


  2. Darling Bello, i miss you much! Glad you’re going on a trip to one of my favorite cities. I wish your time there is a blast of enjoyment with Martin and your friends. You’re always in my thoughts and heart. Love you. Besos!


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