All I Want for Christmas–

My leftover turkey sits in the refrigerator along with the other items we had.  They now look more forlorn than they did a couple of hours ago, although, they made me think of Christmas.  When I was a child and until my Mother died Christmas was my favorite day.  As a child the sparkly tree watched over the glistening packages below, many with my name on the card.   Since 2008 not many presents are around and if they are they are gifts that I will give to others.   Yet, the mere thought of Christmas made me think of all the things I would like for Christmas.  I know the list is mainly fantasy or impractical to receive.  There are some that address questions I have about me and a few that are possible luxuries, but I do have fun  thinking that maybe–

  • A new, thin,  younger body–I know, I even say “Come on don’t be ridiculous!”
  • To walk outside on Christmas day and find my Garden completely transformed into a return to beauty.
  • A promise from some supernatural power that NOTHING more will go wrong with me!
  • A very large Emerald set in Florentine Gold
  • A small, hot looking car (that better be a reality or–!)
  • Have creative ideas and then the resolve to finish 5 large Watercolors.
  • To fly off to see my sister in the new year.
  • To fly off to India, Spain and the Greek Islands at separate times and indulge myself in shopping!!
  • Have me feel and do as I used to, something that isn’t guaranteed.
  • Walk though a meadow of clover and wild flowers under a bright blue sky with white, white cumulus clouds.
  • Create ribbons of color from blooming flowers arranged on my patio in the future in some unknown city.
  • Be able to eat tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables as they once were and not  genetically altered as they are now.
  • Enjoy a delicious bowl of Vanilla Ice Cream when I wish and never gain a pound!

Enough for this year and maybe by the following Christmas I can become even more expansive in my list!  Although, if I am truthful I am just as happy to have a mug of Eggnog laced with Bourbon and Brandy to sip while I munch on very decorative little Christmas cookies and have a slice of Fruitcake just like my Mother made.  Want to join me??






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