This Chemo Thing

Yep, this chemo/cancer journey is not one that I classify as enjoyable.  I didn’t realize when I started that so many potholes  occur that can change the original person into one that is less able and threatens me that I may always be this way.  My support group calls it “the new normal” for person.

I don’t mind having to adapt to the idea that I can’t do as much as I used to, but I do mind having so many days where dizziness and shaking are paramount and recently go hand in hand with on again off again fevers.  When the three conditions combine I go right down the drain and until they leave I get very little done.

Often I say I wish I had the strength my Mother had as she faced each new medical adversity without comment.  As a new health problem occurred, she never questioned why.  She took each problem in stride and never stopped looking forward to tomorrow.

Well, I never give up, even though some days are like riding a roller coaster with me as I go from ok to not good at all.  On good days I still have a determination to do what I need to do and do it as long as I can.  My rake and shovel can tell you of many days they hoped my decision to stop would come soon.

Those potholes in this journey through chemo/cancer will not get the best of me.  I will go down fighting as I pull every weed, sew every project I want, or paint as I wish.   And then I stop to hope tomorrow will be better without these ongoing conditions!


2 thoughts on “This Chemo Thing

  1. Always remember Mama’s “Until Tomorrow!” For her there was always a tomorrow. I wish, as you do, that I was as strong and positive as she was. She did a good job instilling this into us and neither of us are any good at giving up! So, Until Tomorrow!


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