Alligator Alley and a 2nd 35th!!


It has been many, many weeks since I have made a post. During all of that time I struggled with an idea for the subject. Each time I gave up, it was easier to quit than to think!! Presently, we are traveling across the state to the western side of Florida for a friend’s second thirty-fifth birthday. Even though I know I am traveling through Alligator Alley it feels and looks like any other dismal place I have traveled through.  And, to make matters worse our car’s air condition went on the fritz. We put a thermometer in the car and now it is reading about ninety-eight degrees.

The partly open window, the road noise and the dust make me remember what travel was like before cars had air conditioning. As a child the heat, wind and noise put me to sleep within minutes, although, one trip to South Dakota was so stifling I had difficulty sleeping. My Aunt was along with us. My Father was driving. When he drove he preferred not to stop and if he did stop it was only for two minutes.  My Aunt knew this so she stated that she wanted him to make a stop for a triple dip ice cream cone that would revive her.  She also stated that the rest stop must not be less than fifteen minutes and if he objected she said they should switch places.  She would drive. He could sit in the back and enjoy the debilitating wind, heat and noise. We stopped for twenty minutes. The ice cream was delicious. My Father continued driving.

Back to our trip:  We are entering the ramp for Interstate 75. In another 55 miles we will be at our hotel. Hopefully the hand of God will get me there in half the time. I am thirsty and hot and M. and I are being testy. After we arrive rest will be for a short time, Yet during that time a handy mechanic will check the air conditioner. Who knows if the problem is easy to fix or a major headache.

Regardless of heat, noise, wind aggravation and my thirst,  I now know what Alligator Alley looks like,  I doubt I need to see it many more times than this trip.  All in all, the main purpose of our trip  is paramount to remember!!



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