The Last Date With Chemo

Yesterday, Wednesday, June 26 finally arrived.  It was my last day for a chemo infusion that had begun in May 2013..   During that year so much happened particularly experiencing too many side effects from the caustic drugs.  Now begins the time to watch and see if the side effects will resolve.  Hopefully one future day they will leave and I will no longer shake, worry about body cramps that are particularly painful and have more of my hearing return.  The most important is that my nervous system return to what it was and that I am able to think like I used to.

While sitting in the big chair at the cancer infusion center I remembered how I  looked and felt the first day as compared to today.  


It’s apparent I don’t look to happy, in fact I look tired and apprehensive.   Today’s photo shows I am attempting a smile, something that I rarely do in a photo.  When I was young I smiled but not always.  The most significant difference is that in the photo a year ago I weighed 237 pounds and today I am at 175 pounds.  Seems like I can lose weight but hair just doesn’t want to grow on my head!

During the  days and years after chemo I will have quarterly check-ups at the Cancer Institute the first year and fewer in the remaining year  until I reach my fifth year and I will considered to be cancer-free.

The staff at the Lynn Cancer Center in Boca Raton have always been considerate and caring for their patients receiving chemo.  I will be sending a special thank  to them.  When I started going for chemo I thought that they would never remember who I was.  Very quickly I knew that was incorrect!!

The chemo chapter closes for me.  My wish is that it must never return!


4 comments on “The Last Date With Chemo

  1. Lynda says:

    Frank, I’m very happy that you’re beginning a new chapter with the chemo treatments behind you. I miss you and the blogging days. I’m so grateful that I got to know you through blogging!

    I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog. I’ll keep you posted. I’d like to do a 365 days of photos blog! I’ve also thought about doing a creative/crafty blog since I’m back to sewing and crocheting again.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Keren Pomp Fortier says:

    What a LONG haul… Yet you’ve kept humor and found positives. How very Frank. Onward to coming attractions!


  3. Reblogged this on The Best of the Best and commented:
    I think many, many deal with this daily. This too will pass!


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