An Indelible Impression

A step, soon taken, carries with it triggers for memories of former times;  I have endured many moves over the last forty years even when I didn’t want to move.   When I was younger, each move was an adventure.  Now, so much older I dread the chaos  it makes in my mind.  The move, like unwanted steps  taken make an indelible impression on me.

Our house is on the market (again!).   So far many curious people  have requested showings.  We have found that if they say they really like the house and garden that it doesn’t mean much.  When a buyer is  much more interested they return with a good offer which makes their interest authentic.  Surprisingly we have an offer this afternoon.  Unfortunately, it is a low-ball figure; one that we will not entertain.

Regardless of when a legitimate offer comes in we are somewhat decided on an area to move to, but we have not explored any acceptable real estate to buy that will have a collection of walls within a space that meets the amenities I want!

Hopefully all of this will come together soon.  Then I need to use an Estate seller that can sell off most of our furnishings.  It will be a gift to move one time and not drag along our eclectic furnishings even if they are nice!

Hesitantly I must move forward but I will miss my large house and tropical garden, but it is now the time that we downsize like so many other people do at our age.  Even when I acknowledge that this is the proper time I am not sure if another impression of moving replace the indelible in my memory.



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