Life can be less than ROSY!!

Earlier this month:
As each day passes and another arrives there is little respite from feeling overwhelmed and experiencing a resistance to engage in the task that lies before me.   I  rarely feel  inundated by tasks and usually do what I need to do, regardless of its depth.  My Iowa farm boy ethic doesn’t allow me to dally.  I realize this ragged patch of feelings will pass; what is necessary for me to do is bear up to my tasks and then all will be fine.

Yes, I should do as I say, yet it is difficult living within an environment of good-bye’s merging with hello.  Our beautiful home and garden is sold and we will close the deal at the end of the month.   I am so attached to this house  that I wonder what I will feel when the door closes for the last time and the keys are given to the new owner.  Getting ready for that day requires much work and I feel resistance to do the work.  

We had an Estate Sale that is now over.  Everything didn’t sell.  Fortunately the company I used to handle the sale is very nice and is continuing to find avenues to get all the furniture and some very pricey items to sold.  Thank god because:

We have a contract on a new house to close on April 15:  HA!!  The owner balked at doing repairs.  We involved a lawyer and now they have done the repairs but has not moved forward to tent the house for termites.

After we asked to cancel the contract and look for somewhere new, we realized that the owner doesn’t want to release us because he probably needs our money to pay off two liens on the house that are about $200,000.  Then we our real estate agent found a little bitty line in the contract that says if something is wrong (like the title with these liens) the seller can have a 30 day extension.

We get to store our possessions until until the liens are settled.  We can’t even buy a new house because we are bound to the other contract.

The reason
Our real estate agent wrote up the contract on the wrong real estate form, yet said it was the one to use to get out of the deal easily.  WRONG!!  I think she went to the car, grabbed a contract, thought it was fine, but now we know it should have been a different contract. Such a “wrong” has caused many problems for us!

The Answer
This merry-go-round is like an equation and our present quotient is:  Problems equal more money spent.

Please don’t be offended, but at times, “Life is S….t!!

No, I don’t feel like smiling.

Yes, I eat too much when under this amount of stress.

OK, I will agree that a future tomorrow will be rosy again!



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