The Stew of Life


The stew has lasted at least three weeks.  The stew began with having a couple helpings each day, but for the last four days and continuing on through the weekend one dose an hour may increase solidifying that a complete withdrawal from reality will set in on me.  I will not speak nor have anything to do with our house mess.  M. just told me he was singularly going to demand immediate  contractual  release by making a timeline to prove the sellers have never planned to let us move into the house and that I will be excluded from decisions.  

Ok, fine, why argue–one day I will enjoy a time of revenge.  I will simply continue the hard labor I do, since that is what farm boys do.  I will be back to throwing out the garbage from the storeroom; tons of stuff still remain after two days of packing the items we will take.  Fortunately, the downstairs is all ready with boxes stacked and ready for a mover to take them somewhere.  I could never have gotten this far if it wasn’t for my dear, sweet and friend  who cleans my house.  When I need her she comes.

After I take care of  the garbage I must make sure the Auction House gets here Monday or Wednesday to pick up all the rest of the furniture.  Once they do S. and I can start cleaning up the house for the new owner and wait for a moving day and  know exactly where we will go temporarily.  I tease S. that we will camp on her front lawn and ring the door bell when I have to run to the john in the middle of the night.

The next days will set a path that we will take to do whatever, or wherever a future is.  I have vowed I will never move again.  I will strike out very bitterly if I am ever told I need to move again!!  I will never take a another bite of the awful Stew of Life!


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