Movin’ on!

Yesterday we closed on the house we bought.  A few days before we closed on our old house.  It was a pleasant time.  The following closing for the new house was, as usual for this house, something akin to a downer!!  Today we moved.  Yesterday, though, rushing to the closing I put the iron on the floor after pressing my shirt and suddenly heard a strange sound.  The  iron fell into the air bed!!  Last night it was sleep on the floor or don’t sleep.  I didn’t sleep!  For most of the day I was a walking zombie.  When we got to the house I needed to act like I was awake and found I had just enough energy to help the movers as they asked me questions about where everything should go.

I hate moving.  This is about our 17th or 18th move in 42 years.  I told M. that if he dares to mention the word “move” ever again I will commit murder…….”his”!!  I said when we moved into the big house we just left that this was to have been my “death” house.  Now,  it is has been transferred to the house we have  moved to and if I should get so bad that I need to go to assisted living than someone else (who I don’t know) could do the management of moving me and that they can merely shuffle me in a wheelchair to where I will go for the last ride.

You have all been patient to read about all my tales of packing, looking, buying, etc. so you deserve a look at the house now and then once I have it furnished and a little garden is made and finished I will show you the metamorphosis  of how you see it now and then into the home I enjoy!!



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