A Hammer, Screwdriver, Saw and many Boxes

The last time I had time to write was when we were getting ready to move to our new house.  Well, we are here and have been since the last week of April.  As the days unfolded I remembered how difficult it is to organize and get used to new surroundings.  When we moved to Florida I hired helpers to lug and unpack boxes.   Here, it was me.  Usually I am much more organized when the movers unload all the boxes into the garage.  This mover didn’t make rows so I could squeeze through boxes to find what I wanted.  In fact the supervisor of the moving company made matters worse because he enjoyed turning boxes upside down!!

I am making headway.  As I work, I think that for most of my life making art, cooking, entertaining, decorating our homes, gardening, sewing were areas I handled well.  Whatever I wanted to do I did with the knowledge and creativity I had in those areas. 

Now that we are here I have enlarged my abilities, once again, by wanting something done and decide that I should do it.  The tasks I now are doing are more foreign to me.  Two weeks ago we decided we needed a large refrigerator, a side by side one that needs enough room for the doors to open.  I measured a bit and decided to move an upper cabinet.  Then I tackled the lower cabinet and moved it across the kitchen.  There were times that I felt I wasn’t as able as a handy man would be in doing this work, but each time I moved on forward.

We have this strange place under the stairs that is a well of rocks.  The cats believe it is their litter box.  I am now making a floor to cover the area and their litter box and food station will be on the new floor.  I think they will be a little sad until they get used to it!

I have never put up so many blinds in windows as I have here.  I still have seven left to hang and have hung 15!!  Tomorrow our bed and side bureaus will be delivered, as well as, a new dining room table and chairs.  Oh, I do welcome the arrival of the bed.

Little by little I make it through the list of “to do’s”  and can just begin to imagine how it will all look when everything on my list will be done.   I do not enjoy moving, although,  I am happy that I can saw, hammer, screw holes and be patient with the way I measure.   Come on in and I will let you have a hammer.


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