A Life Hiccup


It has been a while since I have written.  In the days since then I have decorated, painted, sewed drapes and generally made our house become as I want!  Just as I thought to reach for the camera to take photos to post, my life hiccupped last week with pneumonia.

I had no idea that pneumonia could do you in and leave you lethargic, as well as gifting me with high fever and a cough that ripped at my ribs and muscles.  I can’t imagine how M slept the first couple of night with the racket I made.  Most of the night, even though I coughed continually, my fever was high enough that I wasn’t aware of anything.

This is now the seventh day and Monday I have an appointment with my internist because I am sure I will need more medication.  The waste paper can is always filled with used kleenex to its brim.

Hopefully, all will be well in another week, yet I worry how many more hiccups I will have in the future.  It’s possible with my lungs!


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