Exasperation’s Omega Point

In August I wrote my last post.  The months from August to December were exasperating since I had more than one occasion to delight in the unpleasantness of being ill, a condition that has continued on to the present.   My fevers returned without the medical professionals’ understanding why and being stymied about  my return bouts with bronchitis and during this entire time I have worn a sleeve around my knee for support since I hurt it during a slip on a pillow on the floor!!

Finally, I had an MRI, which showed I tore the Meniscus.  I  knew I needed surgery, yet I did not want to take care of it until after Thanksgiving.  I did not want to jeopardize my plans to travel to my sister’s for Thanksgiving.  Now that I am home, I will call on Monday to begin making arrangements.  Even though I will need surgery to repair the rip, I am hesitating to do it.  To many snips, cuts and hospital stays in the last 2 years make me obstinate for something done.  Now, when I think of an invasive procedure I shout out to myself a ridiculous cry:  Enough is Enough!

The knee must be repaired.  It keeps me from doing any work outside.  I do a little, the knee begins to bother me and I stop.  Then there are the trips up and down our stairway.  Each step beckons to me to trip and I try to make sure I don’t, because if I do I know the knee will suffer.  One time I did catch the edge of the step.  By the time I corrected how I stepped forward, my diet coke had landed on the baby grand piano.  Thank God I had the top down,  The coke was on the surface and on the keys.  Mnnnnn, sticky keys took more than a moment to clean!

I hope these months have been better for all of you. Hopefully, I can change from being exasperated and begin to enjoy sun-filled, productive days that bring a smile to my face!


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