J Get Me Outa Here!

jc is M’s niece. She calls me her uncle (and I am). When I text her I often sign off with “Unkie Frank”.   She and I knew each other since the seventies, but once in Florida I found that we liked the same things when shopping, going to plays and enjoying flea markets.  jc and I started going out by celebrating each other’s birthdays.   We each arranged for a special night of food and entertainment for the other.  

She knows that one of my favorite shopping places is Festival Mall. Regardless of our arrival time we always run out of time and once found locked exit doors  because we dallied!!   Festival Mall has hundreds of merchant booths selling almost anything you want. Once a month you can get Festival Bucks. When you buy something the merchant will accept a set amount of Festival Bucks and apply it to your total bill. If I forget we have them.  jcalways reminds me.

Once we were going to a play and dinner and had limited time to shop anywhere.  We stopped at Big Lots.  I became very involved looking at ear buds and didn’t watch the time.  Suddenly, I heard her  call me quite loudly.   She was at the beginning of the checkout line and many people were behind her. I looked up and she waved at me and yelled to me to give up my shopping and get over to her. I didn’t think twice. I just walked right to her and got in the line.   No one said anything to us.  They thought she was the “pushy wife” and that she wanted me to get my butt over to her. We laughed so hard when we left, yet, we often take advantage of the wifey-husband thing when it is beneficial to us. Often merchants talk to us as a couple. When they do she lets them know that I am the uncle and she is the niece.

Ten days ago we were at a play. Sitting next to jcwas a humongous man. He chattered away, she listened. Finally she said I was her uncle and that the play was part of my birthday present from her. He kept carrying on afterward telling us his niece has never taken him out.  jcquietly suggested that he take the niece out for the first time and find out how they enjoy each other.

jc has taken me to clever out-door markets, a wonderful tea room where we had a great English tea where we wore silly hats that they provided. With her, I have been able to see almost all the theaters in Broward County. Some are quite nice and all provided us with an unforgettable evening.

Our one joy we share is buying jewelry, particularly rings. When we moved to Wilton Manors  I missed many of my rings that disappeared during an estate sale.  jc has made sure that my ring box is a full again with rings, watches and bracelets.   I often buy her rings, but I like sewing for her. She loves the unusual and likes to dress up even to go to work. I have made many one of a kind tops for and a pair of embroidered jeans with imagery of her cats on the legs.

Yes, jc is special to me and each time we go out I know it will be equal to the time before or even better. Thank God she keeps me going!

No, the Thanks should not go to God, it should go straight to jc


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