Two Shots —

Two shots of vodka may also work when chilled with a tad of vermouth and 2 giant olives, except the shots I speak of are two cortisone shots (one in each pesky knee) that my doctor (no, not he but his PA) administered to me on Tuesday. Prior to my appointment I was limping around using my mother’s brass ball cane. When I climbed the stairs I needed to pull up my excess poundage with my arms on the bannister and thankful that the balusters are very sturdy! Weak balusters would not be fun to have on a stairway when your knees are cranky!

Two days later, most of the annoying pain has subsided and I have begun to paint the same stairway. It is amazing that when the pain leaves or at least the pain is controlled to some degree by some drug, that one can begin to live a bit more normally.

Next is to see how long “a bit more normally will be!

Supposedly the shots should last 4 months but the first injections were in June and I have already succumbed to a second round. At the doctor’s office, we all agreed that I should have the second round of cortisone and see how long it will last and record changes that I feel in the knees in the weeks ahead.

If this round doesn’t work then I will need to decide what is the best thing to do. There is controversy whether micro surgery can help Meniscus tears. If it can’t then what…….do I hang (limp?) around till they become intolerable and then experience the joy of knee replacement?

Let me say this: Gotta do what I gotta do to keep on going.

What about you??

Aren’t the golden years dandy!


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