A little Rain or Water



Since moving to Florida seven years ago, I have always been resistant moving between irrigating and judging how much rain accumulated at night or during the day.  M. checks it religiously now.  We used to irrigate with well water and now it is city water.  The cost is much more using city water.  Regardless, of that major little problem, when you irrigate or rain falls, particularly where we live, the ground becomes so dry between watering times that a lot of new rain or irrigation water must first be used to wet the soil, then the grass, bushes, etc. get a little drink and any excess falls on down through the layers.

When I see any plant, particularly a flowering plant, wilting in the hot Florida Sun I know it wants a drink.  It can last a day, but longer than that it won’t survive.  I have gotten M. to irrigate in the morning; the time when plants actually take in water easier.  Night time is bad to spray plants with water because mold and mildew can form very fast.

Today, I got out of the car and looked at the topiary tree just at the walk going up to the front door.  I noticed my gardener didn’t do a good job of trimming it, but what was even more disturbing was that there were brown leaves, not many but it is a call to me that something must be wrong.  First thing in the morning I will go out to it and see what is going on.  The plant may need watering if it is dry, or, there are many other causes for it to get brown leaves.  I hope it’s not ants burrowing around the roots.

Then, I need to move the star jasmine.  At our other house,  the jasmine was fine in the full sun. This one also sits in full sun and is not doing well.  The soil, if you want to call it that, isn’t as good as at the other house.  In fact, the soil here is 95% sand!

If you are wondering, yes, Florida is lush, but it can only be lush and beautiful if the plants and trees grow in the right place and that they receive the amount of water and nutrients they need to flourish and survive.



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