My Sister!

We stood behind the kitchen sink.  A small pile of dishes remained for us to clean, yet, I saw the pile as monumental, making me be even more of an ornery tyke than I usually was.  Without warning, the heel of a shoe grazed my shin.  The pain was not enjoyable.  As I bent over to grab my shin, I noticed her foot was in a perfect place for revenge.  I held the counter with one hand, lifted my leg, took proper aim and forced my foot down upon the toes in her shoes!!  A direct hit!

My sister glared at me and then yelled out knowing our parents were a room away. My father, after arriving, told us quite strongly to stop all our shenanigans and to get the dishes done.  My sister and I glared at each other and visually agreed we to stop.

There wasn’t a disagreement between us, but at five I believed my sister got the washing job because she at seven years was taller than me and could get the dishes in and out of the sink whereas I would have broken them by doing so.   I didn’t like to dry dishes and to this day hate the job!!

Usually we didn’t fight and got along better than most siblings.  From early on, my sister was my protector, particularly at school for many years beginning in my primary class and continuing on for many future years.

When I started school I had little contact with other children.  Trying adapt to others became so intense for me that my sister brought me into her second grade class.  There, I felt safe, even though the grouchy old teacher, Miss Auburn,  didn’t like me or that I was an intruder, but my sister held her ground and told her that I was staying.

In the future school years there were many occasions that she took care of me.  Each year my mother wrote a note to the teach that I should not drink milk.  Regardless of the note I was always told to drink it and arguing with my teacher became commonplace.  One year my teacher forced me to drink milk.  I did, gagging as I swallowed it all!   When I was through the teacher was quite proud of herself that she could make me drink the milk,; the next minute she became shocked and mad when I threw up the milk all over her.  She screamed, put her hand on my shoulder  yelling, how dare you!!  My sister was right there and simply said to her, “Well, my mother told you this would happen, don’t do it again.”

During those years I was an object for the bullies.  When they taunted me, somehow my sister was always near   Even at seven or eight, she was ready to box their ears and send them off crying.  When she became perturbed at any time her lip would curl and her dark eyes were like stone as she encountered the enemy!  Following the success of battle and then checking on me, the eyes changed back to their  usual color of a warm dark brown.  The eyes twinkled again and the lip receded back to normal.

Once again, I am going to her home for Thanksgiving,   Often,  while shopping in  the grocery store, I put things in the basket for me.  As we  head to the cashier, I say I am paying for mine.  A look is thrown back at me.  At the check out counter, if I grab my stuff, the lip curls and she makes sure I understand to back off!!  Often she looks at the cashier and tells her she is paying and don’t listen to me.  What can I do…….should I be the one to aggravate her?

I am trying to talk her into not making Thanksgiving Dinner  Her dinner is the best and her husband and I vie off to see who will eat the most turkey.   I love each and every dish she makes, yet she has recently had some medical problems and I don’t want her to do all that work.  I would rather that we go out for dinner.  Yes, I will miss the Turkey, but overall I would miss her if she wasn’t around making sure that I am okay.   With much courage we all can wait till next year for her turkey  when we both are in better shape!

Hopefully some of you have a sister like I have.

I guess it’s close enough to bid everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.



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