Does He Understand??

Everyone who reads my blog has read other blog entries that tell my readers that I am heavier than the norm.  I am now on Jenny Craig but I question how much longer.  One week I lose and the next week I gain or stay the same weight.  Each time I write about my weight I always mention that I am a compulsive eater, one who has very little control, particularly since I am usually hungry from the hour I awaken to the hour that I fall asleep.  This has been the same for most of my life.  At my age (ok I am 69) it has become a tiring battle.

Quite often M. sends me articles to read on weight loss, what to eat, what not to and why I am always a failure.  Yes, there is a new understanding in the Medical publications that many changes occur following a tummy resection.  These allow the patient to lose their weight.

Science is studying more about fat people and the reason they eat.  M. believes I should read them.  I am very adamant that to read them will do no good.  Even though I know what I feel and doctors have begun to understand this continual urge of mine to eat the articles do little good for me.  They speak of some reasons that “may” happen  to help the obese lose weight, but I guess I would rather read an article that tells me about proven”real” help that has been achieved.

I don’t need to read to understand me and I am quite sure I do not wish to read about something that may happen after I die.  M thinks he understands, but I wonder does he?