Tragedy Looms at the Edge of Time

Quite often the phrase: “Tragedy Looms at the Edge of Time”, scratches at me like a cat pawing and abrading my leg for a pet.   I do as she wishes, bend and pet her and she purrs in contentment, but her hair lingers on my pant leg.

As with the cat hair, the  expression pops out and lingers afterward causing me to question its meaning.  I fantasize that this place  lives within my mind and I imagine that it knows all about me, including a forecast of my future moments.  I think that if I dare dip into its quagmire I  will be overcome by squelched visions of hate, buffeted by fleeting dreams of hope, wrenched by truths I have ignored, twisted by each manipulation I have felt, hear once more the taunts from long-ago bullies and relive the anguish of grief.

The thought of all that tires me. I feel a bit overwhelmed and find it is necessary to understand much more and how it pertains to me.

Tragedy: How does this relate to me?  Tragedy should cause distress and great suffering.  I feel none although I wonder if I should?
Edge: As a noun  it presents itself as mean, a line or border at which a surface terminates, thus also referring to at a brink or on the verge of something somewhere.  Could this edge mean that change which has never set well with me is approaching.
Looms: A strong verb that brings many images to my mind.

    • To come into view as a massive, distorted, or indistinct image
    • To be in the mind in a magnified, threatening form.
    • To seem imminent; impending.

Should I interpret these meanings and believe that my mind is a prophet proclaiming a threat to my existence?  I have never smiled on change, nor has any one other than myself decided new directions for me.

As I continue exploring I find that I am not the only one that knows this phrase and others  have developed their own explanation for it.    If I wish to put this to rest I should take the easiest way out and accept that the phrase is not an idiom, but rather that it is nonce phrase.  Nonce explains only in a  temporary present.

Whatever I can gain in the present moment the nonce suggests that the answer will come by the end of the present day.  This doesn’t bring much resolution so I thought that  I should look at the nonce antonyms.  When I do I am left with the past and the future.

Originally, I  imagined that this phrase knows all about me in the current moment.  Now I realize that information must be redirected to  the past or include it in the future forecast.   Basically there are 3 moments that revolve continually.  Two of them record and record what was present.  In memory they are part of the past or part of future thought.

Finally, I realize the edge of time is my unconscious mind working.  It is where I must have balance in my life, it is a fleeting time of decision.  The edge of time becomes an imaginary border where if  I  verge on without judgement tragedy will loom out over me in an unwanted threatening form. 






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