Within the Space Before

The plane overhead, the swish of water displaced by car tires, the distant sound of the train horn and even the fan on the air conditioner accompany me as an orchestra as I sit yawning and aimlessly thinking if I should continue writing.  I close my eyes and the space around me disappears, yet there are tiny brightnesses within this closed space that only I can  see.  I yawn again and consider that I am too sleepy to face much and to worn to face another dismal day and so I think, “Just go back to bed, crawl between the sheets and after a time when your head is on the pillow a day will emerge, one more pleasing than this one.”

Now, between the two sheets I take the top sheet and stretch it taut to  the headboard so that it becomes a tent.  I look around and know that this is a place of peace, one in which I need.  My space in this tent mimics the color of the world outside my bedroom window.  Both worlds, the one out there and my new one are equally dark and imbued with only minuscule particles of light.  They are the same except that in this new, private world it is completely safe but the one out beyond my window shield’s me from far less.

Staying within this little, safe environment I must acknowledge that even though it is special it is not practical for me to stay.  This little world is like a fantasy, or is it one.  Just a short time ago it was a sheet on a bed and I made into a tent and created this little world!  Then I remembered, the reason that all of this happened was because I was yawning and tired.   Probably what I should do is bring the sheet back down to the bed and me, turn on my side and continue sleeping.  I think I will stretch first and then turn.  As I wiggle a bit to get comfortable and put my ear buds in to listen to my mp3 player I know that sleep will return in a moment or two.  As I drift off I “fantasize” I am in that little tent and all is well!




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